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Clean drinking water is one of our most precious resources, and it is available only in finite amounts. Wherever light liquids such as oil and fuel are used, for example at petrol stations, in garages or car washes, the groundwater is under a hazardous threat. For this reason, light liquid separators must be installed in these places. Oil and fuel separators as well as coalescence separators hold the soiled wastewater back before it can reach the public sewage network. The SonicControl automatic measuring device with ultrasonic sensor guarantees precise monitoring and reporting of the oil and sludge layer down to the last centimetre, as well as a backwater warning.


KESSEL offers advanced and cost-effective solutions for environmental protection for both small companies and private use. Oil and fuel separators of the nominal size NS 1.5 as well as floor drains with a volatile liquid trap provide the required protection.




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