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MAnufacturing facilities

As well as around and within almost all buildings, wastewater is also produced in many places in industrial plants and production facilities. This wastewater has to be discharged to the public sewage system efficiently and reliably and without impurities. KESSEL has numerous technical solutions available to help you with outdoor surface draining. The wastewater is routed away from the building by means of roof drains through yard and gutter drains. Pumping stations support the removal of the water over larger distances and round off the range of outdoor draining solutions.

But wastewater also has to be discharged within buildings, too. In the sanitation area floor drains and shower channels guarantee safe draining. If the drain connects two floor levels, special fire protection requirements apply. This is where the Ecoguss and Practicus project drains come into play, combined with the Quick-Fit all-round seal and the Fire-Kit fire protection insert. Lifting stations or backwater valves are used to prevent discharged water from being pushed back into the building in the event of backwater from the sewage system, and to prevent flooding in rooms below the backwater level.

In areas where special hygiene requirements apply, drains and channels made of stainless steel are used. This can be the case in areas in the food-processing industry, in canteen kitchens or in slaughterhouses. The wastewater has to be cleared of impurities before it reaches the public sewage network. For this purpose, grease, starch and sediment separators are used in combination with lifting stations.


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