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When to use a oil-/fuel separator?

fuel separator

Drinking water is one of our most precious resources. Our water is in danger wherever contaminants such as oil and petrol are used, such as at filling stations or during vehicle servicing and cleaning, or where lubricants are used. One single drop of petrol is enough to contaminate 1000 liters of water, which is why environmental damage must be prevented at an early stage. For this reason, soiled waste water is treated and cleaned before it is discharged into the sewage system. These tasks are taken over by light liquid separators.

Oil- / Fuel separators (Class II)

Oil/fuel separators are used to protect bodies of water and sewage systems from pollution through mineral oils. They work on the principle that the lower specific density of insoluble mineral oil products in wastewater makes them float upwards and collect at the surface. The outlet system with self-actuated closure prevents separated materials from flowing out.

EN 858 requires that oil-/fuel separators have hydrocarbon outlet concentrations at or below 100 mg/liter.

Coalescence separators (Class I)

Coalescence separators work on the same gravity principle as oil/fuel separators. To increase coalescence performance, there is an additional coalescence filter in the tank, unlike with oil/fuel separators. This filter is made of high-quality polymers and has two functions. Firstly, it has a positive influence on the flow within the separator, secondly it „filters“ the entire wastewater through the coalescence material.

EN 858 requires that coalescence separators have hydrocarbon outlet concentrations at or below 5 mg/liter.

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KESSEL’s design based on EN 858 and state of the art manufacturing provide separation systems surpassing all needs of the industry. The separators are available in a wide range of sizes and different classes. 


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