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Macerating, multi-vane or single channel impellers ?

The reliable function depends on selecting the appropriate lifting station and also on the technically correct installation of the lifting station. KESSEL offers three types of pumps. Macerator, multi-vane impellered and single-channel impellered pumps. Each of these pumps has special properties.

Multi-vane impellered pumps

Multi-vane impellered pumps have a large free space inside the pump housing. As a consequence, solid and long fibrous, high consistency substances, such as sanitary towels, textiles etc., can pass through the pump housing easily. It is often necessary to expend more energy to achieve an efficient pump output.

Macerator pumps

Macerator pumps are especially suitable for long fi bres and where solid bodies can be shredded, even larger sizes. This allows the wastewater to be transported reliably through small pressure pipes even over long distances (pressure drainage).

Single-channel impellered pumps

Single-channel impellered pumps are particularly suitable for wastewater containing short fibres. Their combination of high efficiency and low energy consumption is outstanding and leads to their use with large wastewater volumes in particular.


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