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Constant running of a standard lifting station even with gravity sloped drainage. Why ?

Lifting stations are often installed as a safety measure even though gravity sloped drainage is available. The disadvantage is that these systems must pump every single litre of collected wastewater. This leads to constant operation of the pumps, high energy usage, wear and tear on the system as well as nuisance noise - with the new KESSEL Hybrid Lifting Station, all these problems are solved.The Pumpfix F and Ecolift XL Hybrid Lifting Stations offer safe and reliable protection against backwater and come into service only when necessary - during backwater. The Pumpfix F (for domestic applications) and the Ecolift XL (for commercial / industrial applications) are the new ideal solutions for installation in gravity wastewater drainage systems - both for new construction and renovations.


Normal operation

Normal Mode

  • No pump operation
  • No energy requirements
  • No pumping noises
  • Wastewater disposal even after power failure
  • No interruption in operation even if pump fails
Surcharged sewer

Surcharged Sewer:

  • Motorized backwater flap(s) close to prevent backwater from entering building
wastewater disposal

Wastewater disposal in an event of backwater:

  • Wastewater is pumped into the sewer


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