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Multistop - Guaranteed protection against bad odours

With Multistop, the drainage specialist KESSEL offers a practical alternative to odour traps with seal water. While standard odour traps in drains frequently dry out due to air conditioning units, underfloor heating or infrequent use, Multistop prevents bad odours coming up from the drain without the use of water. A tight sealing flap forms a reliable seal. It only opens up when water makes contact to allow it to flow away without being restricted. The water-free odour trap can be integrated in all floor drains by KESSEL.

Multistop open
Once surface water is drained, the flap opens automatically and lets the water pass freely.
Multistop closed
After the water has passed, the flap closes. Rodents, foam and bad odors are retained.

High flow capacity

Multistop also restrains foam. This prevents a slippery coat developing on the tiles in well-used shower rooms and means it does not need to be cleaned so frequently. It is also suitable for use in areas at risk of frost and forms a reliable barrier against pests. Due to the fact that the flow of water is not slowed down by a water trap but can directly flow away, Multistop also increases the flow capacity.

  • Odor stop
  • Foam stop
  • Rodent stop

Suitable for high demands on hygiene

Drain odours in rooms with high hygiene requirements are certainly not wanted, such as in food processing factories, hospitals or elderly and care homes. Multistop offers guaranteed protection. It also makes maintenance easier because it is no longer necessary to check whether the odour seal is filled with a sufficient amount of water.

Areas of application for the Multistop in floor drains

  • Drains which are not used often, where the sealing water often evaporates, such as in private bathrooms.
  • In areas subject to frost, such as balconies, patios, basement steps and light wells.
  • Environments with high temperatures where the water reservoir in the drains evaporates, such as heating rooms, industrial companies, rooms with underfloor heating.
  • Rooms with extremely high hygiene requirements, such as plants where foodstuffs are processed, produced or stored, cold stores, hospitals, homes for the elderly and care homes.
  • Rooms where there is a risk of infection, where excess pressure is generated to stop germ penetration, like in clean rooms in hospitals.
  • Floor drains which can contain large amounts of foam from washing machine pipes or similar, like utility rooms.
  • Draining systems with greatly fluctuating over- and under-pressure conditions, such as old buildings.
  • Increased draining capacity without water reservoir.

Multistop for Drains System 100

Is suitable for drains and pipes with an inner diameter of 103-105 mm.

Multistop for Drains System 125

Is suitable for drains and pipes with an inner diameter of 119-120 mm.

Multistop for Drains System 200

Is suitable for drains and pipes with an inner diameter of 192-193 mm.

Multistop for Shower Channels Linearis Compact / Comfort


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