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Maintenance in accordance with EN 12056 with Lock & Lift


Installation is never the end of the story of course. Regular and thorough maintenance is a pre-condition for the permanent problem-free use of drains. This is one of the requirements in EN 12056 Part 1. During this test, the draining performance of the individual draining products also has to be observed. Malfunctions can be a sign of changes in the draining system which can then be diagnosed and eliminated in good time. The term malfunctions includes reduced draining performance, louder draining noises, odour traps being drained empty and odour pollution.

Drains with removable odour traps have proved their worth in practice. Removal of the unit provides good access, allowing all the functional parts to be checked easily by means of a visual inspection.

Locking system Lock & Lift

Many KESSEL shower drains have the integrated locking system Lock & Lift. This allows the cover to be opened easily for maintenance, removed and locked again safely. The cleaning time required is reduced by about 70 % compared with covers which are locked in the conventional manner using two screws.


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