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Backwater is always possible

For economic reasons, mixed public sewage systems often cannot be dimensioned in such a way that they can deal with extremely heavy rain without any problems. For this reason, flooding of the sewer and backwater in all connected pipes must be expected during heavy rain.

In addition, backwater can occur for the following reasons:

  • Blockage, burst pipes or damage to the sewage system.
  • Pump failure, if the drainage system is connected to a pumping station.
  • High water levels in the recipient (stream or river), since rainwater cannot flow away easily from low ground.
  • Pipe blockage or diversion due to repair work.
  • Increased wastewater feed, for example when sewage systems are being rinsed, the fire brigade is in action or more pipes are connected to the sewage system than originally planned.

Program Overview

The wide range of KESSEL backwater valves complies with all legal requirements for different installation situations:


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