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Installation possibilities

installation in an exposed wastewater pipe
installation in a concrete slab/floor
installation outside buildings

On the one hand, backwater protection can be used for protecting individual drains (sink, cellar drain, emergency overflow etc.), on the other for the central protection of whole buildings or building sections, by using a backwater chamber for example. There are three different types of installation:

Exposed installation

With exposed installation, the backwater valve or lifting station is installed as a so-called above-ground variant. This means connection to an exposed (“surface-mounted”) drainpipe. These installation solutions are particularly advantageous for renovation work.

Installation in a concrete slab/floor

Particularly in the case of new buildings, flush installation in the building ground plate is an ideal solution. In addition to aesthetic aspects, the additional accommodation gained is a decisive advantage. For installation in waterproof concrete there are special gasket sets available to provide protection from the water load.

Installation outside of buildings

The installation of a backwater valve or lifting station in a chamber outside the house is suitable both for new buildings and renovation work. In this case, it not only means an increase in accommodation space inside the building but also an increase in living comfort – especially by blocking out pumping noises completely.

Program Overview

The wide range of KESSEL backwater valves complies with all legal requirements for different installation situations:


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