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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building information modelling (BIM) provides all thoseinvolved in the design of a building access to a commoninformation platform. With the help of this mode, architects, builders and engineerscan make the best possible decisions in their areaof responsibility during all project phases and make theireffects visible to all other parties working on the building.


We provide top quality BIM data for our complete product range. As the files are created in the universal VDI 3805 output format, you can use them to intelligently design buildings with KESSEL drainage solutions in all standard BIM software products. For example, a grease separator model placed in the BIM file automatically determines the dimensions of the necessary inlets, outlets and pressure pipes.

Our complete package for designers

Our BIM library provides you with access to all content you require to design KESSEL drainage solutions using building information modelling. With the help of our practical editor "BIM-Selector", you can conveniently call up the data for your product and import it into your BIM software.

  • Geometric Data
    All design-relevant information on the geometric properties of the product. The geometry is simplified as far as possible so that the size of the file is not increased unnecessarily.

  • Technical Data
    All performance data for correct electrical, thermal and safety design with regard to: dimensioning, installation and operation.

  • Commercial Data
    Complete specification texts in the following languages: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Polish.

How can I download KESSEL BIM data?

There are two ways to access KESSEL BIM data. Either you download the KESSEL Selector file with the complete product library onto your computer, or you search specifically for individual files.

  • Are you only looking for one or two BIM or 3D DWG files?

The fastest way is to use our ‘Product search’ function. On the left hand side of the internet site you will see a ‘Product search’ box. Simply enter the product’s article number in the search box, press ‘find’ and then choose "CAD drawings" or "BIM files".

  • You would like access to all the KESSEL BIM data at your computer?

Then please download our BIM Selector software onto your computer. This includes information for all of our products in DWG, DXF, STEP, IGES, SAT format and direct import to Revit and AutoCAD!

Download: KESSEL BIM-Selector 2020-1.1.1. (600 MB)

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