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Starch separators EasyStarch

Starch is stored in the form of grains inside the cells of potatoes, cereals and other pulses. During the peeling/shelling process, the starch grains (cells) are torn open and the starch washed out by water. Potatoes have a starch content of around 20 - 30%. The wastewater produced then has a starch content of around 2 to 5% depending on processing technique. This leads to deposits and, after a short time to encrustation and blockages in the wastewaeter pipes.

DIN 1986 prescribes the compulsory installation of a starch separator for wastewater containing starch. The most frequent areas of application are kitchen companies

  • Guest houses,
  • Crisps and chips manufacturers,
  • As well as croquette manufacturers and tinning factories.

The starch separators are supplied both for underground installation and for free-standing set-up with different disposal features.

  • Starch separator
  • Starch separator


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