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Sediment separators, sand and sludge traps EasySink

Sediment separator

Sediment separators are used to trap residue such as plaster, scale and clay. This is mainly the case at dentistry, surgical and orthopedic departments in hospitals and doctors' practices.

The size of the sediment separator is dimensioned according to the volume and type of washwater to be discharged. The washwater drain, density of heavy materials and quantity of heavy materials to be discharged must be taken into account.

Sludge and sand traps are used wherever a lot of sludge, sand and/or soil occur, can enter the sewage system and lead to blockages. Possible areas of application are

  • Septic systems for wastewater treatment,
  • Rainwater management systems and
  • Gardening centres.

They are designed according to similar standards as with sediment separators. Depending on the dirt load, disposal should be carried out every one or two months.

The sediment separator and sludge traps can be supplied in any size for free-standing set-up or for underground installation.

Sediment separators for free-standing set-up

Sediment separators for installation in the ground plate:


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