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Coalescence separators EasyOil (Class I)

Coalescence separator

Coalescence separators work according to the principle of gravity. To increase coalescence performance or improve draining values, there is an additional coalescence filter insert in the tank in comparison with oil/fuel separators. This cylindrical-shaped filter insert has two functions. Firstly, it has a positive influence on the flow in the separator, secondly the coalescence material filters the whole wastewater.

Professional Advantages:

  • Increased efficiency
    The efficiency of the separator is increased by using a coalescence filter. The finest droplets of oil can be separated out owing to the increased separator efficiency.

  • Installation
    The telescopic upper sections allow easy individual installation depths and adaptation to ground levels.

  • Safe
    Water-tight up to the top ground surface thanks to variable upper section with lip seal.

  • Odor tight
    Odor tight covers available in classes A/B or D.

  • Safety
    Float switch outlet lock prevents oil / fuel from the separator from overflowing out of the separator and into the sewer.

  • Polyethylene
    Fracture-proof and durable.

  • Transport
    Low weight tanks as well as integrated fork lift grips allow for easy separator transport and installation.

  • Practical
    Automatic measuring devices SonicControl offers cm accurate monitoring and notification of oil / fuel or sludge layers as well as a flood / back-up warning.

Coalescence separators NS 3-15

Coalescence separators NS 3-6


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