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Grease separator EasyClean Modular

grease separator

Ideal where access is tight

In certain situations, tight spaces can make it difficult to transport a standard grease separator to the set-up location. In such cases, grease separators are required that can be transported in individual small components to the set-up location and assembled on-site. We offer grease separators divided into 2 and 3 sections for max. installation openings of 66 cm. If this should not be sufficient for some reason, we can make custom-fit solutions and support you with on-site welding.

Professional Advantages:

  • Small dimensions
    make them ideal where access space is tight.

  • Wide Range
    Large discharging range from NS 0.25 to NS 4.

  • Available in the basic version or with direct disposal unit.

Size calculation

SmartSelect calculation and selection software for lifting stations and pumps.

SmartSelect makes it possible to size and specify separators according to EN by using up to three calculation methods.

Product Details: NS 0,25 - NS 1

Product Details: NS 2 - NS 4

Product Details: Euro G NS 1 - 4 (3 sections)


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