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Aqualift F XL pumping stations

With 400 V multi-vane impeller pump for wastewater with or without sewage

The pumping station Aqualift F XL can be used for large quantities of wastewater with sewage without ATEX requirement or for wastewater without sewage, e.g. rainwater, and is thus suitable not only for commercial but also for industrial use. The tank volume is approx. 680 litres, the maximum pumping volume is approx. 340 litres.

The pumping stations have a modular design. Depending on the area of application, they can be combined from different technology and chamber modules. Installation is simple and fast thanks to the polymer material. The Aqualift F XL pumping stations are resistant to groundwater up to 3 metres and have buoyancy protection. With an internal diameter of 1,000 millimetres, the inspection chamber is easily accessible and has access steps in accordance with the specifications of the employers’ liability insurance association and standard.

Professional advantages systems chamber:

  • Modular system
    Modular system with sectional chamber components height 250 mm / 500 mm. Infinitely variable chamber depth from 1500 - 5000 mm.

  • Light weight
    Easy to assembly due to the low weight of the polymer chamber components.

  • Honeycomb chamber design
    provides additional chamber strength and prevents buoyancy. Additional inlets up to size Ø 160 mm can be installed on-site.

  • Upper section
    Vertically adjustable upper section available with Ø 600 mm or Ø 800 mm diameter with optional waterproofing connection flange.

Professional advantages systems base:

  • Precise level detection
    due to hydrostatic sensor with variable adjustment of switching heights.

  • Powerful pump
    Continuous duty 400 V submersible pump GTF with multi-vane impeller in various capacity classes from 1.4 kW to 4.0 kW.

  • High pumping volume
    of approx. 340 Liter.

  • Groundwater resistant
    Tank floor resistant to groundwater depths up to 3000 mm.

  • Control units with self-diagnosis system SDS
    for monitoring pump and battery buffering with monthly self-test. Comfort version with multi-line display for operating state and maintenance instruction as well as userfriendly menu guidance in six languages.

Pump types:

Pumping stations with GTF pump
  • GTF 1600
    Input Power (P1): 1,6 kW
    Voltage:                400 V
    Operating mode:   S1
    Pumping capacity: max. 49 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 9,3 m

  • GTF 2600
    Input Power (P1): 2,6 kW
    Voltage:                400 V
    Operating mode:   S1
    Pumping capacity: max. 46 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 13,6 m

  • GTF 4000
    Input Power (P1): 4,0 kW
    Voltage:                400 V
    Operating mode:   S1
    Pumping capacity: max. 53 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 18 m


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