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Pumping station Aqualift S Basic

The economic version for wastewater without sewage.

The pumping station Aqualift S Basic makes looking for an economic solution for the disposal of wastewater without sewage outside buildings child's play – thanks to modern “made in Germany” technology, packed in a compact tank – and all that at an unbeatable price!

Thanks to an adjustable upper section that is available as an option, the pumping station Aqualift S Basic can be particularly flexible installed underground. It is available as a Mono or Duo system with or without a control unit.

Professional Advantages:

  • 100% waterproof and odour-tight
    Like all KESSEL chambers, the tank of the pumping station Aqualift S Basic is also absolutely waterproof and odour-tight. This is what we stand for with our guarantee that we have voluntarily extended to 20 years.

  • Integrated backflow preventer
    All variants are equipped with a backflow preventer as standard.

  • Suspended pump bearing
    The pumping station has either one or two suspended pumps of the type GTF 600 or GTF 1250. The sound decoupling of the tank reduces the noise level during operation. The non-clogging multi-vane impeller with a 30 mm free ball passage provides for added safety.

  • Tool-free maintenance
    The pump(s) is/are particularly easy to remove and maintain thanks to quick-release closures.

  • Pre-scored drilling surfaces
    Additional connections for the ventilation pipe, inlet and outlet pipe can be made at the pre-scored drilling surfaces on the side.

Pump Types:

  • GTF 600
    Input Power (P1): 0.65 kW
    Voltage:                230 V
    Operating Mode:   S1
    Pumping capacity:  max. 12 m3/h
    Pumping height:      max. 8 m

  • GTF 1250
    Input Power (P1): 1.3 kW
    Voltage:                230 V
    Operating Mode:   S3
    Pumping capacity:  max. 20 m3/h
    Pumping height:      max. 11 m

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