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Lifting station Aqualift F Basic

Pumping station installed outdoor underground

KESSEL AG wish to set a new standard in the fiercely competitive building drainage market with the new Aqualift F Basic pumping station. The system, which was developed with particular emphasis on an attractive price/performance ratio, is suitable for all domestic wastewater.

The pumping station comprises a compact, easily installable tank and an integrated high-performance pump for wastewater containing sewage. The system is available as a single version or twin version and is equipped with a swing check valve for backwater protection. The pump is controlled via one, two or three float switches, depending on the version. The pumping station has an installation height of 440 mm, which can be increased to up to 880 mm thanks to an optional variable upper section. With underground installations, the container can be flexibly adapted to the ground level with the help of this variable upper section. Alternatively, it can also be installed as a free-standing set-up. Particularly advantageous for maintenance and repair: The pump can be simply removed by hand thanks to its bayonet connection – without any tools and without having to enter the chamber.

Professional Advantages:

  • 100% waterproof and odour-tight
    Like all KESSEL installation chambers, the tank of the pumping station Aqualift F Basic is absolute waterproof and odour-tight and is covered by our guarantee, which we have voluntarily extended to 20 years.

  • Integrated backflow preventer
    All the variants are equipped with an integrated backflow preventer as standard.

  • Suspended pump(s)
    The pumping station has either one or two freely suspended pumps of the type STF 1300. Noise levels during operation are reduced by decoupling from the tank material.

  • Tool-free maintenance
    Thanks to the quick-release closures, the pump can be removed and serviced very easily.

  • Free pre-scored areas
    Additional connections for inlet, venting and conduit pipe can be freely positioned at the pre-scored areas on the side.

Pump Types:

  • STF 1300
    Input Power (P1): 1,3 kW
    Volatge:                230 V
    Operating Mode:   S3
    Pumping capacity:  max. 21 m3/h
    Pumping height:      max. 10 m

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