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Minilift F lifting station

Compact lifting station for connection to a single toilet and two additional fixtures

Minilift F is designed to be connected to a single toilet and two additional fixtures (e.g. sink, shower, urinal, bidet) in rooms below the backwater level or without sufficient gradient to the next sewage collecting pipe.

Minilift F is the ideal, low-cost solution for disposal of drainage fixtures in accordance with EN 12050-3 (for restricted use). The high-performance stainless steel SharkTwister macerator in the built-in pump reliably chops sewage and toilet paper. For this reason, a diameter of ø 28 – 34 mm is sufficient for the pressure pipe to the next sewage pipe. This means little effort is required even for retro-fit installation e.g. in old buildings. The direct toilet connection allows installation directly behind the toilet with minimum space requirement.

Professional advantages:

  • High performance macerator SharkTwister
    Stainless steel pump with high-performance top quality macerator for maximum operational safety.

  • Intelligent control technology
    with acoustic alarm function – without separate control unit – integrated in the tank, can simply be plugged in and installed without an electrician being necessary.

  • Separate dry area
    for motor and control unit makes convenient and clean maintenance possible.

  • Straightforward maintenance
    Quick and easy removal of pump.

Pump type:

Performance diagram Minilift F
  • Minilift F
    Input Power (P1): 650 W
    Voltage:               230 V
    Operating mode:   S3
    Pumping capacity: max. 6,5 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 6,5 m


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