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Aqualift F XL lifting stations

Aqualift F XL

Lifting stations for industrial, high volume wastewater disposal

The new lifting stations Aqualift F XL supplement the tried-and-trusted Aqualift F series by high-performance versions for commercial, communal or private applications. For example for the lifting of rainwater which occurs below the backwater level. In addition, XL lifting stations are ideal for use downstream from separators. All the new lifting station components have been designed as a modular system. This comprises three tank sizes with volumes of 200, 300 and 450 litres. The respective pumps are available in versions from 1,400 to 5,500 Watts. A pump for continuous duty with a rated input of 1,400 to 4,500 Watts is also available. To make installation straightforward, the various tank sizes have been designed such that they fit through standard 800-size doors.

Professional advantages:

  • Single or twin pump lifting stations
    Includes digital display control unit and non-return valve.

  • Polymer gate closure valves and fittings
    for SPF 1400, 1500, 3000 models.

  • Maximum safety thanks to control unit with SDS
    The intelligent Comfort control unit with integrated self-diagnosis system SDS and battery buffering continually monitors all electric functions and keeps an electronic operating log which can be read out. If the pump is at a standstill for longer periods, it is automatically activated briefly once a week.

  • Cast iron gate closure valves and fittings
    for SPF 4500 and 5500 models.

  • Compact dimensioned bodies
    offer large storage capacities but still allow access through 800mm wide doorways.

  • Inlet connection
    Size Ø 110 mm or Ø 160 mm selected on-site.

  • Wide selection of pumps
    from 1400 - 5500 Watts cover specification requirements.

  • Wastewater pumps equipped with non-choke impellers
    (40 mm free passage) for pumping of wastewater with or without sewage according to EN 12050-1 and 2.

  • S1 Continuous Duty Pumps
    for heavy flow applications (rainwater) with 1400 to 4500 Watts.

  • For wastewater containing raw sewage
    wit a maximum pumping height of 27 m, and maximum pumping capacity 60 m3/h.

  • Additional inlet connections on-site
    Inlets from size Ø 50mm to Ø 200mm inlets can be easily installed.

Pump types:

Performance diagram Aqualift F XL
  • SPF 1400
    Input Power (P1): 1,6 kW
    Voltage:                230 V
    Operating mode:   S1 / S3 50%
    Pumping capacity: max. 38 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 7 m

  • SPF 1500
    Input Power (P1): 1,4 kW
    Voltage:                400 V
    Operating mode:   S1 / S3 50%
    Pumping capacity: max. 40 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 8 m

  • SPF 3000
    Input Power (P1): 3,2 kW
    Voltage:                400 V
    Operating mode:   S1 / S3 50%
    Pumping capacity: max. 47 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 16 m

  • SPF 4500
    Input Power (P1): 4,5 kW
    Voltage:                400 V
    Operating mode:   S1 / S3 50%
    Pumping capacity: max. 55 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 20 m

  • SPF 5500
    Input Power (P1): 5,7 kW
    Voltage:                400 V
    Operating mode:   S3 30%
    Pumping capacity: max. 60 m3/h
    Pumping height:    max. 27 m


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