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Parking deck / Car park drain Ecoguss

parking deck drain Ecoguss

The durable drain for multi-storey car parks and industrial buildings

Our parking deck drain Ecoguss is particularly suitable for traffic areas such as underground garages, multi-storey car parks or industrial buildings. Its innovative, metallic composite material provides for high fracture resistance and load-bearing capacity at low weight. It can bear a load of up to 12.5 t.

Alongside load-bearing capacity, fire protection and hygiene are important factors in public areas. Our parking deck drain fulfils these requirements perfectly. The fire protection kit Fire-Kit meets the requirements of the highest fire resistance class R 120. In addition, the composite material Ecoguss is permanently rust-free and thus hygienic and permanently functional. 

Professional Advantages:

  • Metallic compound material
    The properties of metal, yet corrosion-free and non-conductive.

  • High shatter and load resistance
    Parking deck drains carry Class B rating (12.5 ton loads).

  • Fire and smoke protection Fire-Kit (approval Z-19.17-1719)
    Optional for drain bodies with vertical outlet. Only use in combination with odour trap!

  • High temperature-resistant materials
    Briefly up to 400°C, for processing with hot bitumen according to DIN 18195

  • Quick-Fit the all-round seal for core drillings (approval Z-19.17-1719)
    Minimised core drillings Ø 160 mm =>  2/3 cost-saving. Additional sound insulation and smoketight closure between core drilling and outlet. Low-cost and fast installation.

  • Single piece pipe connection drain
    Available with drain body and as single piece pipe connection drain.

  • With Lock & Lift system
    Fast access for maintenance and cleaning.

Technical Details:

Material: Ecoguss
System: 100 / 125
Flow rate: 4.5 l/s
Load class: B 125

Product Details: Parking deck drain with drain body

Product Details: Single piece pipe connection drain


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