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Gutter drains made of polymer according to EN 752

Gutter drain

Safe rainwater discharge

Gutter drains route the rainwater from drainpipes in underground wastewater pipes to rainwater collecting tanks, to the sewer or to drywells. Our gutter drain is made of polymer and is thus light, absolutely corrosion-free and durable. To prevent drainage pipes becoming blocked by leaves, branches or other materials, our drains have a sludge trap. The drain is easy to clean through the rain inlet cover which is easy to open.

Professional Advantages:

  • Optimum pipe cleaning
    by removal of sludge trap.

  • Light weight
    and corrosion free material.

  • Lateral inlets
    possible with use of extension section Art. # 67600.

  • Wall securing device
    as practical installation aid

  • Frost-free installation possible
  • Optimum pipe cleaning
  • Lateral inlets
  • Wall securing device

Product Details: Art. # 67945

Product Details: Art. # 67940


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