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Flat roof drains made of Ecoguss and polymer

Flat roof drain Ecoguss

Perfectly thought-out

With the Ecoguss roof drains for flat roof surfaces in Ø 75, 110 and 125 mm we are offering a compact product range for draining flat roofs.All installation requirements are met using the system accessories.

Alongside the sludge trap, there is an accumulation ring available for emergency drainage, as required by DIN. The accumulation ring can be retrofitted even after the drain has been installed. Thanks to the spacer equipped with the tool-free Lock & Lift system, the stone trap can be adapted to the respective height of gravel fill – even at a later date e.g. during renovation work. Suitable insulated bodies or extension sections for variable installation depths are also available. In order to guarantee reliable function even at low temperatures, the drains are optionally available as a heated version.

Professional Advantages:

  • Corrosion free and sound dampening material
    for elevated sound protection according to DIN 4109 < 30 dB (A)

  • High flow performance
    exceeds regulatory norm requirements

  • Resistant to high temperatures up to 400°C (short-term)

  • Easy installation
    also upgradable after installation to emergency drainage option

  • Full selection of accessories
    to meet all installation requirements

  • Available in Ø 75, Ø 110 and Ø 125 mm

  • Lock & Lift System
    no tools required

  • With integrated heating
    low energy consumption

  • Multistop
    odour, foam, rodent and insect protection (waterless odor trap)
  • Sound dampening
  • Resistant to high temperatures
  • Integrated heating
  • Multistop

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