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Bathroom Drain "the Ultraflat 54" and "the Ultraflat 79"

Installation example bathroom drain "the Ultraflat"

Minimum installation height, ideal for renovation work and new constructions

The bathroom drain "The Ultraflat" is characterised by its very low-profile design. It has a minimum overall installation height including cover of 63 mm, up to the upper edge of the flange even only 54 mm. This makes it ideal for renovation work in existing buildings, as well as for new construction work. There are variants with shallow-bed flange, glue flange and connection flange available for humidity sealing of the drain.

The appearance of the bathroom can also be upgraded with a large selection of classy design covers and design shower channel upper sections. New: shallow bed waterproofing seals and upper sections with grate covers made of V4A stainless steel for aggressive media.

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Professional Advantages:

  • Extremely low height
    Overall installation height with flange including cover 63 mm, up to edge of flange only 54 mm (the Ultraflat 54).

  • Flush-to-floor
    Also suitable for flush-to-floor showers thanks to the high draining capacity of up to 1.0 litre per second.

  • Sound protection
    Measurements carried out by the Fraunhofer Institute in Stuttgart:
    >= 12 dB(A) according to DIN 4109
    >= 10 dB(A) according to VDI 4100 SST III

  • Modular Design
    Individual drain composition using the KESSEL modular system 125.

  • Lock & Lift System
    Many KESSEL covers have the integrated locking system Lock & Lift. This allows the cover to be opened easily for maintenance, removed and locked again safely.

  • Seepage water openings
    For discharging water that has seeped into the floor structure.

  • Waterless odor trap
    Multistop odor, foam, rodent and insect stop available as accessory. Ideal odor trap for bathroom drains that dry out frequently. Can be retrofitted in installed shower drains.

Technical Details:

Material: ABS
System: 125
Flow rate: 0,6 - 1.0 l/s
Sealing water height: 30 mm
Load class: K 3, L 15

Product Literature:

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Product Details: "the Ultraflat"


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