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Floor Drain ME

Installation example Floor drain ME with KESSEL design cover.

With three optional lateral inlets

Made of ABS. With three lateral Ø 2” (55 mm) inlets and one lateral Ø 3” (82 mm) outlet. The discharge rate is about 1.8 liter/sec.

Professional Advantages:

  • Three drains in one
    One body = 3 drains (BS glue, DIN glue, DIN pushfit).

  • Plenty of options
    Three optional lateral inlets for connecting drainage fixtures.

  • Maximum flow rate
    Hydraulically designed for self-cleaning and maximum flow. Flow rate 1,8 l/s, increased flow rate with use of extension section.

  • Conversion kits for different standards
    Conversion kits for DIN push-fit (Art.# 373008) and DIN glue-fit (Art.# 373007) available as accessory.

  • Easy extension
    PVC pipe (OD 110) can be used as extension section.

  • Modular Design
    Individual drain composition using the KESSEL modular system 100.

  • Hygiene
    Removable odour trap for optimum pipe cleaning.

  • Fastening brackets
    for ceiling hung installations.
  • Floor drain ME
  • Fastening brackets
  • Conversion kit Art.# 373007
  • Conversion kit Art.# 373008

Technical Details:

Material: ABS
System: 100
Flow rate: 1.8 l/s
Sealing water height: 75 mm
Load class: K 3, L 15


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