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Basement drain with volatile liquid trap

Light liquid stop

Reliable retention of volatile liquids escaping from heating systems

Volatile liquid traps (heating oil traps) are the ideal drain for the boiler room in the basement. The surface water is collected through the slotted polymer cover and discharged to the sewer. If volatile liquids such as oil get into the drain, a float switch ensures that the soiled wastewater cannot enter the sewage system.

The volatile liquid trap (heating oil trap) is optionally equipped with a type 5 twin flap backwater valve and prevents wastewater flowing back from the sewer from getting into the basement. There are special upper sections available as accessories for installation in impermeable concrete, for the shallow-bed method and as a waterproofing layer against water load. There is also a rat protection flap made of stainless steel available as an accessory.

Professional Advantages:

  • Easy installation
    thanks to variable upper cover section: can be turned, tilted and height-adjusted.

  • Waterproofing
    Sealing gasket between extension section and flange prevents floor moisture damage.

  • Higher load classes
    up to 12.5 to (class B) with upper section and slotted cover made of cast iron.

  • Quick and easy cleaning
    thanks to one-hand snap closure.

Technical Details:

Material: made of polymer
System: complete drain
Flow rate: 1.0 l/s
Load class: K3


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