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Staufix Basic Backwater Valve

Protect your basement from rodents and backwater flooding

Backwater damage can be extremely expensive - prevention is very cheap. For this reason make sure that all areas below the backwater level with open drainage fixtures are always protected by a KESSEL backwater valve. The Staufix Basic backwater valve is equipped with free hanging vertical backwater flaps. These flaps ensure that a building ́s wastewater flows freely through the valve while simultaneously preventing any backwater from backing up into the building.

Which Staufix Basic do you need?

Check your country's EN 13564 backwater valve requirements for what type of valve is certified for your situation. EN 13564 classifies backwater valves from Type 0 to Type 5. KESSEL offers the complete range of Type 0-5 valves.

Staufix Basic type 2

Staufix Basic type 1

Staufix Basic type 0


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