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Pipe flaps

Pipe flaps for industrial plants

Pipe flaps - at the end of the wastewater pipes prevent backwater and rodents (e.g. rats) penetrating the wastewater pipe. Available in diameter Ø 110 / 125 / 160 / 200 (for industrial use up to Ø 1000) and easy to install.

Professional advantages:

  • Universal
    Fully compatible with sea water and fresh water environments.

  • Low weight
    Low weight for ease of installation yet with high mechanical strength.

  • Water-proof
    Simple design without counterweight – Good watertightness. Seals at a low level of back pressure.

  • Maintenance
    Low maintenance.
  • Pipe flap for absorbing wells ...
  • ... for industrial plants,
  • ... or for continuous pipes.

Pipe flaps Ø 110 - 200 mm

Pipe flaps Ø 250 - 1000 mm


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