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Backwater Protection Within Buildings

Motorized backwater valve

In addition to a full range of backwater valves, the KESSEL product portfolio also includes basement drains with backwater valves.

Backwater valves installed in a concrete slab/floor

Backwater valves

Backwater valves are fitted into piping networks. Models for installation into concrete floors and models for installation into exposed wastewater pipes are available. One must consider the distinction between water that contains sewage and water that does not.

>> Backwater valves

Basement drains with backwater valves

Basement drain with twin flap backwater valve

Basement drains with backwater valves are used to secure drainage points below the  backwater level and are only suitable for sewage-free wastewater. Depending on the type of basement drain, it is possible to connect inlets of the sizes Ø 50, Ø 75 and Ø 110 mm.

>> Basement drains with backwater valves

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